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Here at ProHealth, we love a great story! Our office has been blessed with so many over the years, and it is what drives this mission to change the health experience for families in this community. People often wonder if these results are possible for their own child and after working with literally hundreds of kids and families, these results are absolutely possible. This is not coincidence that you hear, your child is not struggling because of bad luck or bad genetics. For us it simple, they have never had the opportunity to have the one system they live their life through, their Central Nervous System, checked for interference. We would love for your child to be our next Success story.

Mom Report: Skylar

SkylarSkylar began having behavior problems including hitting and kicking others when she was about 5, shortly before she began pre-k when we changed from the daycare that she had been at since she was 4 weeks old. Also, at this time, Skylar had to learn to make adjustments to her new baby brother. Early in the pre-k school year, we began to get phone calls several times a week and had to go up to the school due to Skylar having these “tantrums” which included yelling, kicking, hitting, and being defiant. The tantrums would flip on like a light switch and flip off the same way when she didn’t get her way and couldn’t be in control. When Skylar was not having the tantrums, she was the sweetest, bubbly, thoughtful, and energetic ball of fire but she became this different kid when she was triggered. Not only would she do this at school, but she would do this anywhere and it progressively got worse. Dropping her off at school was dreadful because the littlest thing would make her “flip” and it would be a battle to get her out of the car and into the school. Friday’s were even worse because of “High-five Friday.” I noticed this would overwhelm her, so I would try to walk in between her and the line of people giving out high fives to avoid setting off a tantrum. Homework was also a battle every night! I dreaded the homework myself a lot of the time. I just wanted to sign off that she completed the reading portion of it just to avoid a problem, but I didn’t because I knew it wouldn’t benefit her at all if I did.

We tried multiple things including counseling, which seemed to help for a while. But, Skylar started regressing. The older she got, it seemed like she was acting out more physically to her friends. Skylar would tell us sometimes that she didn’t like acting like this, and she couldn’t tell us why she hit her friends. It was hard to hear this as a parent and to see your child go through this especially because we didn’t know how to help her. We had to do something else, so we took her to the pediatrician and got a diagnosis of ADHD with impulsive behaviors. We also had diagnostic testing done to be sure of this diagnosis. At this time, we found out, as a kindergartener, her IQ was a 120. We knew we had to do something so she wouldn’t end up getting behind academically because she wasn’t able to control her behaviors. This is one reason we ended up resorting to medication, which we were against, but we didn’t know what else to do. We tried essential oils, which was a fail. We decided to try a different medication, which worked for about a week. Her teacher had also noticed she wasn’t her happy bubbly self with the medication. So we stopped trying medication all together.

I had finally came across ProHealth’s Facebook page and I asked a few people I knew who had been taking their kids there for allergies. They loved it and had great results, so we decided to give it a shot. We were desperate for help! We weren’t sure if chiropractic could actually help with behavior problems, but here we are 7 months later still making the commitment because we have seen a huge change with Skylar! Skylar loves Dr. Judd and his staff, although she can give Dr. Judd a run for his money some days. He has so much patience and obviously loves what he does. He gets the adjustment done even if she doesn’t feel like being there that day. She is also having fewer of those days! Skylar is now 7, in first grade, and is a totally different kid. She is still a ball of energy, doing well academically, and has made leaps and bounds with her behavior. She has far more green faces these days on her behavior chart! She still has her moments of getting upset and has some impulsive behaviors, but they are not has often and not as intense! She doesn’t flip when we tell her no or something doesn’t go her way. She is actually able to control her emotions without it tuning into a tantrum. I don’t have her friends coming to tell me when I pick her up that Skylar was mean to them or that she got in trouble. Our friends have noticed that she socializes with other kids without yelling at them or just completely shutting down. If she accidentally gets hit with a toy or splashed, she laughs or accepts the apology and goes on. Dropping Skylar off at school is much less stressful and I don’t sit in my car and cry after dropping her off because it had been a stressful morning. Homework is not as dreadful and takes less time! Skylar is just overall a more happy kid!

– Skylar’s Mom

Mom Report: Autry

AutryI started chiropractic care because my son was diagnosed by his pediatrician with ADD/ADHD. I had tried huge dieting changes which helped some, but it didn't eliminate all of his focusing problems and sleep issues. I had gotten to the point where we had to put him on medication after I thought we had tried everything. On day two of his medications, I received a phone call from the school that my son was having chest pain. The doctor then decided to change the drug and see what happened. While it helped, he couldn't sleep and he was super emotional. So, over Christmas break, I weaned him off of his meds like his doctor was telling me to, but I was tired of playing with his medicine like candy. Why not fix the issue and not spend tons of money on medication when I can pay a doctor who lives in my community, who is more affordable (which helps a ton), and that truly cares for the well-being of my child. So, that's when I gave Dr. Judd's office a call. I started noticing a difference at the 4-5 week mark. He definitely started sleeping better - it was almost immediate, and for sure the quickest improvement. By the 8 week mark, I had a very different child, and he has maintained that! Not only have Dr. Judd and I talked about chiropractic care, but also other things like diet and vitamins, which also help. He hasn't been sick all year, and had perfect attendance for the first time ever, which is a huge plus! I can't thank Dr. Judd and his staff enough for working so hard to be advocates for our children. Thank you for giving me my son back! You are your child's advocate. Stand up for them! You are the mama bear! So, why not try? I had an open mind and gave it a shot. It is different, so try it! You won't be disappointed.

– Autry’s Mom

Mom Report: Hannah

HannahHannah was the poster child for ADD/ADHD since she was really little. We knew when she was around 3 that she had it, but we didn’t get her tested until the end of first grade. She was really struggling in school and at home. I actually have a video of her actually climbing the walls. We would celebrate when she got a “C” in conduct. That was good for her. When we tested her, she tested off the charts for impulsivity. Her dot on the chart was actually up in the middle of the instructions on the page. She was literally “off the charts.” She had been on medication since that day. We hated that we had to give it to her, but it seemed that was the only option. She didn’t eat when she was on her medication. She was underweight, and we were worried. She wasn’t a “zombie” on medication. She was still physically active, but she was just a different person. Her personality was so suppressed. She hated taking it, and told us that it made her feel weird. We tried to skip her meds on the weekend, which we have since learned from Dr. Judd that this is a terrible thing to do. Brandon, Hannah’s dad, was already a patient of Dr. Judd, and Dr. Judd had been telling Brandon about a patient he had seen who had ADD/ADHD. I didn’t believe any of it. I just brushed it off, but Brandon kept bringing it up. A friend of mine who was going through the same thing mentioned chiropractic and how it helped her daughter, then another friend mentioned it helped her son. I was still skeptical! Hannah stopped wanting to take her meds and started hiding them and lying about taking them, but we could tell because her behaviors had worsened. She couldn’t even finish a sentence without getting distracted.

I started doing a little research and finally made the call to Dr. Judd…but I told him I didn’t think it would work, and he would have to prove it to me. And then, he proved it to me! We started care with Dr. Judd in October of 2017 and she was off her ADD/ADHD meds completely by December 2017. Her grades from one semester to the next did not change, which to some people can seem odd, but she is doing just as well without the medications as she was when she was on them, and she doesn’t have the side effects she had when she was on them. I kept telling her teachers to make sure they told us if they noticed any negative changes when we took her off. I just knew this wasn’t going to work. But they never said anything. She was and is doing great. She’s 13 now, enjoys tennis, reading, and is getting into makeup. If I could tell any mom going through what we were going through, I would just say do it. Save yourself the headache, save your sanity, save your child’s sanity. Just do it. I wish I had done it sooner for Hannah. Hannah has overcome so much, and continues to prove people wrong every day!

– Hannah’s Mom

Love, love, love this! It is an absolute joy taking care of your crew, especially Ms. Hannah! Thank you for your trust and courage to choose a different path for Hannah. I know it wasn't an easy decision by any stretch. At the end of the day, we wanted the same thing - the best for Hannah and to have her at her God given full potential. - Dr. Judd

Mom Report: Eli

Eli While Eli was never officially diagnosed, he definitely displayed the signs what people would classify as ADHD, in addition to also being very strong willed. Every day was a struggle to say the least. There was constant strife in the home and every day seemed to just spiral more and more down hill. Once he entered kindergarten is when I realized something had to change. I could not allow him to feel defeated everyday. I was already familiar with Dr. Judd and it just so happened his Perfect Storm webinar came across my news feed at just the right time. After watching I immediately made the call to ProHealth and everyday has been better since. While it is definitely not the overnight fix we all want so badly, the progress made thus far has been amazing! Homework used to take forever and usually resulted in Eli crying and me having to walk away. He has shown great improvement in every area of his life. And while the journey is still ongoing and more work is to be done, I know it will only continue uphill from here with the continued help from Dr. Judd and his amazing staff. So to all the weary parents out there who feel there are no alternatives to dealing with these issues, there is, and I have proof. When I was at my wits end, ProHealth was the answer to my prayers and I will forever be grateful.

– Eli’s Mom

We are so stoked that Eli is doing so well in school and thriving at life! The experiences of seeing these kids succeed, never gets old! So grateful for you trusting our staff and I with the health of your little man. - Dr. Judd

Mom Report: Cheney

Cheney We started at ProHealth at the end of August right after school started. Cheney had attitude problems. She would go from one extreme to the next instantly. She was having fits of rage over things like homework or when we would ask her to do something. They were like toddler tantrums, but at an 8 year old age. She wasn’t diagnosed, but started seeing some OCD tendencies when she was 5 – like how the socks fit or how the shoes were tied. It got progressively worse, and by second grade, the attitude problems were really hard. When she was younger, it was easier to discipline her. But as she got older, nothing worked. She didn’t respond to time out, spankings, or even taking things away. Nothing was working. She would just fight tooth and nail. She never acted out in school, but at home was really different. Tension was high in our home. My husband and I were arguing a lot because I wanted to try something with her, but he would want to try something different. One of us would just say, “Let’s just not do the math.” And the other would say, “No, we can’t just give her the answers.” It got to where we were all three arguing. One of us would leave the house while the other worked with Cheney and the next day we would switch. He would cry, I would cry, and she was always crying. We were at a loss of what to do. Our overall goal was to allow her how to express her emotions in a calmer manner and to be able to talk to us about how she is feeling. We wanted her to learn how to work through things without being a demon child.

I had no idea that chiropractors could help kids, but I knew a few children from Cheney’s school that had come to ProHealth and had seen good results. We knew that there would be a time commitment, as well as a money commitment. But we knew if we went another route, we would end up spending the time and money anyway, just somewhere else and on things we didn’t really want – like a diagnosis and medication. I was overwhelmed at first, but the team at ProHealth is great with working around a busy schedule. When it comes to your children being happy and healthy, you just make it work. There were times when Cheney was ready to go home, but we knew we needed to keep her appointment first. We just kept bringing her, and now it’s just not a big deal anymore. The tantrums are much less frequent now. Cheney also had bad allergies and was taking an allergy pill every day to control them. When she got her expander for her braces, she couldn’t swallow the pill anymore because it kept getting stuck. But we noticed when she started getting adjusted, she didn’t have those allergy issues anymore and she doesn’t even need the pill! She is wanting to get out and play more, and she has more energy to do that! My parents used to want to keep her overnight, but we knew that she couldn’t go because she would have a fit, and they couldn’t handle that. Now, she stays the night with no problems! She plays more and is just overall happier, and that is what you really want for your child. To other parents, I would say, you have nothing to lose. You have to think of where you want your child to be versus the situation they are currently in or dealing with. What are you willing to do to get there?

– Cheney’s Mom

We are so happy to hear that Cheney has had so many positive changes! But, what really makes our team so happy is how the whole family has benefited from Cheney receiving care. It definitely is a money and time commitment, but we know it’s worth asking that because it more than pays off for all the hard work. Can’t wait to see Cheney and her parents’ lives to continue to improve. - Dr. Judd

Mom Report: Cade

Cade When Cade was 7 years old, his teacher noticed that he was "zoning out" in class and not focusing. He was not completing tasks and just could not keep up. That was when he was diagnosed with ADHD. The doctor suggested putting him on medicine, but I knew the side effects that those medications have, I just could not bring myself to do it. I saw an ad on Facebook for a "Perfect Storm" event hosted by Dr. Judd, so I watched it and immediately made an appointment to see him! Everything he talked about I had experienced with Cade, from latch issues to ear infections and digestion troubles. Even after the first couple of adjustments, I noticed he was sleeping better, his appetite increase, and his digestion had become more regular. I thought, surely, it was a coincidence, but after talking to Dr. Judd, I realized it was not a coincidence... it was his body working properly for the first time! The school noticed too! He was able to focus, he was completing his work on time, and no longer had those moments of "zoning out." His grades are the highest they have ever been! In fact his lowest grade on his last report card was a 97. The teacher also said he shows NO signs of ADHD anymore! (And his allergies are pretty much non-existent, which is just an added bonus!) Cade and Dr. Judd have such a strong bond and are best buds. Cade loves to get adjusted and asks all the time if it is his adjustment day. I love it there too! I feel so supported, loved, and I wholeheartedly trust Dr. Judd and his team with my baby. I strongly encourage any mom struggling with these issues with their child to talk to Dr. Judd! My only regret is that I did not start it sooner!!

– Cade’s Mom

We love us some Cade! Cool results, even cooler kid; so excited for this super bright child's future. Thank you so much for sharing! - Dr. Judd

Mom Report: Madilyn

Madilyn The turning point for Madilyn was when she entered the first grade. The kindergarten to first grade transition was night and day – and not in a good way. It was a struggle. It was horrible. They’ve tested her IQ, and that is great. It wasn’t that she couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t focus in school. She was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. We cried every day. She cried because she hated school and didn’t want to go anymore. She didn’t understand what the teacher was saying or what was going on. At home, we struggled…there’s a reason I’m not a teacher! Doing homework was horrible! It was absolute misery. Teachers saw all the struggles she had, and it was an uphill battle for us. Even the teachers were saying she’s not going to make it. They wanted to hold her back. We had a 504 meeting and before we even started the 504 plan, they were saying that she needed to be held back…and that was in the first semester! It was like they had already given up on her. As a mom, that infuriated me. I was saying, “No! Do something! Do anything!” We took the initiative to have all the tests done. Our main goal was to have this fixed.

I didn’t want her to hate school, and she already hated it, even just in first grade! She’s a very upbeat and happy girl, but when you mentioned school, it was torture. We were absolutely adamant about not putting her on medication. She was too young. Plus, her personality is what makes her, her. It’s extremely unique, and we didn’t want to damper that at all. We’ve seen kids that had terrible reactions to those medications, so we were willing to try anything else. On top of all that, she also had allergies, constipation, and bedwetting. She was so constipated, nothing over the counter would work because she had been that way for so long. It was excessively abnormal for someone that small. When she would go, it was uncontrollable. Her face when it happened was just terrible. It was happening, whether she was ready or not! Luckily, that never happened at school. But it happened at home and out in public often. She had been wetting the bed every single night for years. She would sleep right through it and never wake up. She used pullups at night every night, even at 7 years old! We had a friend who was having the same issues with her son, and he had great results with chiropractic. So, I thought I would check it out.

When it came to the money, we knew that if we went a different route, like medication, it was going to be just as costly. I am a nurse and know how much that stuff runs. Plus, if it was anything else that was wrong with her, wouldn’t you pay to have that taken care of? This was no different. I was nervous only because Madilyn was always wary of doctors, so I thought she would be afraid or uncomfortable. That was not the case here at all! She loves Dr. Judd! Within the first week of getting adjusted, she stopped having accidents, and she hasn’t had an accident since! Within two weeks of getting adjusted, she stopped having poop accidents. She went from going maybe once a week to every day with no issues! She is still an active kid. That’s just who she is. But there have been times when I take her in and she is wound for sound! Then, she will get adjusted and just pass out in the car on the way home! As far as school goes, she loves school now! She does her reading homework without any fussing. She zooms right through it! She gets all of her AR points. Last year, she was failing at least half of her classes on every report card. I don’t mean barely failing…she was BOMBING! She was bringing home 40s and 50s. This year, she is passing everything! She even got an award for “Most Improved Student.” As a mom, it is your job to advocate for your child. When someone doesn’t believe in them or doubts them, it’s your job to push further and keep going. That’s what we did. And look at her! She’s succeeding. She’s doing what they said she couldn’t do.

– Madilyn’s Mom

Mom Report: Reuben

ReubenIn August of 2015, I was at a birthday party, and I was talking to a lady sitting across the table. She said, “We missed the chiropractor for a week, and my child was so constipated.” Then, she started talking about the vacation she was going to take, and I stopped her. “Wait a minute! Go back! You’re telling me your child was constipated, and you went to the chiropractor and now they’re not?!” I was having that same problem with two of my kids, especially with Reuben. She gave me ProHealth’s number, and when I called, I talked to Mindy. She told me to come fill out the paperwork, and when I got the paperwork and saw the list of symptoms, and I could check EVERY box for him! On top of being constipated, he had ADHD, couldn’t sleep well, constantly fight or flight. He was having accidents, was sick all the time, and was irritable a lot. We had also been to Scottish Rite, and they made him wear braces on his legs. From the time he could walk, he was always on his tip toes. They kept saying that we would have to have surgery on his legs so he could walk normally. But when we came in for his first appointment, Dr. Judd laid him on the table to check him out. He put his legs up, and you could clearly see his knees were not side by side - one was higher than the other. We realized that he couldn’t stand correctly because his hips were out of place, and that was the only way he could stand. Now, after being adjusted, he can stand flat footed, although it has been difficult to break the habit of him standing on his toes. But he CAN do it!

Another thing we noticed is that before we came in, we knew he had speech delay. He would speak just a couple of words at a time, and usually he was just repeating what we said. But now, he can focus long enough to actually have a conversation. He went from speaking just a couple of words to forming sentences. I was so excited when we were getting sentences, but now we are getting paragraphs!

Then the fight or flight…he was so angry because he couldn’t think, couldn’t focus, couldn’t stop. He would go straight to meltdown. He would run. Just bolt out. Didn’t matter where we were. He would bolt out into the streets. Now, he can focus enough to calm himself down, and he sleeps so much better! Reuben has two younger twin sisters. They were missing out on things like the fire station to see the fire trucks, the library, or even just going to the grocery store. We had to plan around Reuben and his meltdowns. I couldn’t just leave them and step out if he had a meltdown, so we didn’t get to go do a lot of things. They couldn’t experience just normal, everyday things that kids get to do. Now, we can get him calmer quicker, so we don’t have to worry as much about that. They are all in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and play basketball, which, before, would have been a nightmare for Reuben. But he loves playing! He was even able to have his first sleep over!

My original goal was to not have Reuben constipated all the time. But once I started checking all of those boxes, I just wanted him to be the best version of himself possible. He is already labeled with intellectual disabilities, I didn’t want him labeled anymore and have to carry around the stigma that comes with it. And one thing ProHealth doesn’t do is create labels for kids. I never wanted any of my kids on medication. Even the MiraLax for constipation worried me. I read about how it could cause personality changes, so I definitely didn’t want to continue that.

I wasn’t sure how chiropractic could help all of the things we were dealing with, but now it makes so much sense! We’ve seen it in myself, Reuben, Madelyn, and Allison! From ADHD, to cramps, to anxiety…we’ve all benefitted from it! And we are still benefitting from it! We still have bad days, just like anyone else, but we all are constantly improving.

Money and time are always an issue with us, but it is worth it to make time for it in our schedule. If I feel we need to cut something out of our budget, it is not going to be this. This is worth keeping in. It’s just like any other bill we have to pay – phone, car, mortgage. It is important enough that we put money aside for this first, then everything else comes after. Chiropractic care is a priority, and it is just part of our lifestyle! I have also had students in my class come to ProHealth, and as a teacher, I’ve seen huge differences in them as well. I have one regret, and it’s that we didn’t start earlier.

– Reuben’s Mom

Not much to say here…except for how incredibly grateful I am for Sharon’s trust in our office and this team. This family is a shining example of what it means to get “the big idea” when it comes to a pro-active system inside their health. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We really ENJOY serving you guys! - Dr. Judd

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